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Does digital marketing hurt luxury brands?

August 28, 2017

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Luxury brands without the resources of internationally-recognized brands can be timid about taking advantage of online marketing. Content marketing is integral to the inbound marketing movement, and, given that it plays a role in each stage of the inbound process (attract, convert, close, and delight), all brands should consider implementing a content strategy.

Luxury brands shouldn’t dismiss tools like online video and blog content in an effort to remain elite and exclusive.

All forms of content can benefit your brand, depending on where your audience spends their time. According to a 2014 study, over 75% of luxury shoppers use social media. Emerging luxury brands sometimes dismiss the seemingly provincial atmosphere of social media but should instead take strides to meet their audience where they are.

Luxury brands have an advantage over other brands in that their story and history are usually clearer. These brands are also naturally inclined to prioritize aesthetics, which is particularly important on the visual platforms (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, video, email) that will likely serve them best.  

How Luxury Brands Can Leverage Content Marketing

Even luxury shoppers are looking for ways to relate to their favorite companies and creators, so consider how that might be relevant to your brand. Remember that this could mean something as simple as demonstrating that you understand exactly what aspirational elements resonate with your customers. 

Use your brand strategy as home base.

In an effort to stay innovative and top-of-mind, many brands discard their brand strategy in favor of chasing the trends. As a luxury brand, your visual aesthetic and appeal speaks for itself. You don’t have to sacrifice this.

As you implement new marketing means, keep your brand strategy front and center. Balance creativity with consistency, and use that editorial eye to keep things carefully in line. 

Ensure you have a thorough brand video strategy.

Videos are quickly becoming the most powerful marketing medium. In fact, over 50% of marketers worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Use video to further communicate the quality and caliber of your brand. Don’t cut corners in video production and editing.

Focus on quality over quantity when posting online.

Posting to social media and blogs may communicate accessibility, but brands can still achieve an air of exclusivity, regardless of the medium.

Ensure every message is relevant to your brand. Avoid the temptation to piggyback on trends, holiday and current events for the sake of boosting engagement. Prioritize quality, but don't forget that irregular or sparse publishing is generally ineffective and comes off as unprofessional.  

Don’t allow customers to mistake exclusivity for aloofness and disinterest.

When brands choose to engage and participate online, they bridge the gap between their company and their consumers. 

Ensure sure your customer service is as high-quality as your brand message. Don’t forget that the purpose of content marketing is to not only attract and appeal to your audience, but also to convert potential customers.

Let your brand speak

Content marketing can hurt any brand if leveraged incorrectly. Odds are that you’ve worked long and hard to build a specific brand image. The same hard work should go into maintaining that image while still innovating and improving your marketing strategy.

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