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Why eco builders are marketing naturals

July 10, 2017

6 Reasons Modular Home Builders Hit The Ground Running 

6 reasons modular home builders hit the ground running.

Modern prefab, modular, tiny and shipping container home builders all use elements of a traditional construction approach that can translate well into marketing. But they also share nuances in a few key areas that help them gain effectiveness with lead generation quicker than many other segments we work with. We'll show you how we help these clients repurpose their industry-specific experience, and how you can learn from them.  


Leverage the project format

Builders define Point A through site surveys. They require a realistic sense of what they are truly working with, the opportunities to create a distinctive project, and the challenges that will arise.They build milestones into a timeline to make sure things stay on track. A clear Point-A-to-Point-Z map is essential to marketing, too. If something's not part of your plan, it's probably starving your resource pool. Building a deck where nobody asked for one doesn't work in construction and it doesn't work in marketing either.

Exercise budget control

The construction industry runs on tight margins, so every expenditure counts. A budget that is tied to a plan at the front end means you'll have a sense of control over your marketing, rather than being reactionary. Funnel all marketing expenditures through a single point. If that's you, and you don't want to be trapped in bookkeeping, deputize a junior staff member to gather all the expenses and give you a regular report on where things are. Compare what you've spent to your budget and adjust as necessary.

Make success repeatable

In green modern prefab, efficiency and creativity can go hand-in-hand. Use creativity to innovate, and to develop and refine your marketing. If you have a solid marketing idea that hasn't delivered, don't react by running the opposite way. Refine, gather data, and refine again.  

An engineer doesn't scrap a design unless going back to the drawing board is the only truly sensible option. And it's the same with marketing. Re-inventing the wheel at every step means wasted resources and any leads are likely coming via an unidentifiable source. When you uncover an approach that seems promising, standardize it where you can and adapt it to the terrain.  For example, create a trade show checklist (Did you define the objectives for this expo? What are you taking with you? What is everyone's job at the booth?) and repeat the bullet points that work and adjust the ones that don't.    

Value visuals

Modern builders tend to have a sophisticated sense of aesthetics that parlays easily into marketing. They generally have an innate understanding of the power of joining structural integrity with beautiful surfaces. Building something impractical but beautiful doesn't work. But super-powering your message through the power of strong graphic design can make all the difference.

Create invitational experiences

Builders who distinguish themselves in their industry spend time thinking about how the end user will interact with their project. Connecting with your audience has everything to do with understanding their values, what they like and don't like, and offering them something that engages.

Modern builders create homes people seek out and become excited about; strong marketing creates communication people want to interact with. With this approach, listening— not imposing — is key. Before you spend resources on your next marketing piece, make sure it's something people would reach for.

Be a well-rounded resource

Green builders get excited. Not just about their company, but about related things. Maybe it's gardening or kayaking, but their interests extend past their immediate industry. Green builders see these outside interests as contributing to their effectiveness, not distracting from it.

What can you learn from this if you’re not a green builder? Avoid being myopic about your marketing. Explore what it would look like to have emailers that do better than simply announce your latest model or Memorial Day sale. What would your customers be interested in knowing that is relevant to your offerings? For green builders, maybe it's a blog post about smart kitchen space usage or options for a discreet composting station.

Your prospects and customers have interests they'll connect with you about besides buying exactly what you're selling. Demonstrating that you understand their ambitions and values helps establish you as a go-to authority, and moves you further away from competing simply on price.


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